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Service Rates

The standard hourly labor rate for repairs is $80 per hour as of January 1st, 2014.

TSG charges a $80 non-refundable diagnosis fee on all repairs and estimates. If an estimate is declined, you will be obligated to pay the $80 diagnosis fee before you claim your property (scooter, engine, cylinder, or any other item or vehicle left at TSG). If an estimate is approved, then the diagnosis fee will be deducted from the labor amount or waived at the sole discretion of TSG.

Please remember that the tables below are meant to be used as a loose guideline only. Some machines are more complicated to work on, thus the hours billed may be higher. At the same time, some machines may be easier, so the charge will be less! Prices are based on the average 50cc scooters. A valve adjustment on a Kymco Agility 50 is much easier and faster than one on something like an Aprilia Scarabeo 500, so understandably the Aprilia will cost more to have serviced.

Please be aware that these prices are labor only. Parts, shipping, and tax are not included in these rates and pricing tables.

Basic Service Rates and Pricing
Service Description Hours Billed Price
Belt Change .5 $40.00
Cable Replacement .5 - 1.0 $40.00 - $80.00
Carburetor Cleaning / Rebuilding 1.0 $80
Charge Battery Varies FREE!
Check Tire Pressure & Fill .25 FREE!
Engine Oil Change .25 $20.00
Gear Oil Change .25 $20.00
Service / Tune-Up 1.0 $80
Tire Change .5 $40
Valve Adjustment (Most 50cc Scooters) .5 - 1.0 $40 - $80
Engine Building Service Rates and Pricing
Service Description Hours Billed Price
2-Stroke Top End Replacement / Rebuild (Including Hone) 3 $240.00
2-Stroke Lower End Rebuild 7 $560.00
4-Stroke Valve Job (Replace, Lap, Adjust, Etc 3 $240.00
4-Stroke Top End Replacement 3.5 $280.00
4-Stroke Bottom End Replacement 7 $560.00
Bolt-On Performance Modifications 3 + Call
The Scooter Garage also offers professional engine tuning, dynamometer testing (on our DynoJet 150 inertia chassis dyno) cylinder porting, crankcase porting, and more. Please call for details. 336-506-7333
Pickup and Delivery Rates
Location of Pickup / Delivery Price
Local Area (Haw River, Burlington, Graham) $30 One-Way*
Extended Area (Chapel Hill, Greensboro) $60 One-Way*
Long Distance Please Call
*Pickup and Delivery charges may vary for scooters or vehicles that are taken apart, wrecked, or otherwise more of a burden to load and transport.