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Lapping the valves in a Honda Metropolitan (GET) Scooter Engine.Thank you for visiting my website! My name is Josh, I'm the scooter mechanic & tuner here at The Scooter Garage, LLC. The Scooter Garage is a full service scooter repair, maintenance, accessory, and tuning shop. All makes and models of gasoline powered street-legal scooters are accepted here. From the latest and greatest automatics, to the tried and true vintage machines. You'll find that The Scooter Garage stocks an extensive line of parts too! If you can't find something that you're looking for, I'll do my best to find the parts for you. If you're unsure wether or not you can get parts, give me a call, or send an e-mail and I'll be happy to help in every way that I can.

I've been performing high-quality scooter repairs since 2005. Back then, I was working for a high-volume scooter dealer who sold Vespa, Kymco, Piaggio, CPI, Daelim, TGB and a few others. This was a great experience as I was often exposed to a great variety of different types of scooters, each with thier own set of pros, cons, and common issues. Before working for the scooter dealership, I was working at a small engine repair shop in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Now, having struck out on my own to pursue my passion for scooter tuning and repair, we have The Scooter Garage. Any and all scooter-related questions are welcome! Feel free to call (336-506-7333), or send an e-mail , as I do check e-mail several times daily. I look forward to assisting you. Even if you're not buying anything just yet and need a little bit of information. I'm willing and eager to help.

At The Scooter Garage, we (My wife and I) believe in doing what is within our means to provide the best parts and service possible for your scootering needs. Because of this we are pleased to be able to offer you parts from a variety of well-known and trusted brands.


AMSOIL is the first in synthetics and because of it's high quality and good price, it's the only oil we keep on the shelf. For the 2-stroke scooters we use Interceptor on stock engines, and Dominator on the modified ones. For most of the 4-strokes, the AMSOIL Scooter Oil is the recommended lubrication. I have seen better engine conditions overall since using AMSOIL. I trust AMSOIL in my own scooters, and I trust it in yours too!

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Heidenau Authorized Dealer - Excellent German-Made Performanc Tires

Heidenau is a German company that manufactures top-quality tires. They're often said to be a better option on our smaller scooter tires than Michilen and Pirelli. The "K61" (Which we now stock) is a very popular option with scooters of all makes and models, with excellent wet and dry traction. Take those other tires off and try a pair of these - turn your scoot into a cornering machine!

Central North Carolina's Authorized NCY Dealer

NCY is produces quality scooter components, at a value price. The company was established in 1997. NCY's manufacturing covers a broad scope of parts such as CVT components, exhausts, engine parts, and styling accessories.

At The Scooter Garage, we often use NCY parts as a high-quality option when replacing parts in Chinese engines. We stock NCY variators, valves, camshafts, CDI boxes, and many other components for your scooter.

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